TC Electronic Helix Phaser.

A three tone phaser from TC Electronic.


The Helix Phaser from TC Electronic is an incredibly flexible and versatile pedal…. with a little something extra under the hood.  The Phase effect has helped define countless records across the genres and as soon as you switch on the Helix you’ll see why. The tones you can bring to your music, from slow sweeps to fast spins, will open up whole new directions to go in.


Control your tone

With 4 dials (depth, feed, speed and mix) and a choice of vintage or smooth settings you can dial in exactly the tone you need. The Helix also comes with true bypass to help your tone shine through with no loss of high end.

TC Electronic pedals sound great, they’re designed for regular gigging use and are built to handle some serious punishment. With both Stereo and Mono I/O they quickly become pedal board necessities.

TC Electronic Helix Phaser

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