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The SubZero Maximum Overdrive Pedal is a versatile overdrive that can go from smooth and creamy to gritty and raw. Whether you need a drive pedal to gently push your amp to breakup, or one that'll lift your gain and thicken your tone all on its own, the Maximum Overdrive has you covered. Its intuitive interface makes dialling in a wide range of tones feel like an effortless endeavour.

Achieve the perfect amount of brightness to cut through any mix with "Tone", whilst "Gain" allows you to dial in aggression with surgical precision. Once you're happy with these levels set the volume with "Level" and you're good to go. Rest assured that thanks to the true bypass design, you're guaranteed top-class signal integrity and your dry signal will remain untouched. Add some crunch with the Maximum Overdrive.

Subzero Maximum Overdrive

SKU: 148470
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