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Ashdown Bass Envelope Filter.


It’s time to get funky with the Ashdown Envelope Filter. Capable of a wide range of effects from auto-wah through to spaced-out, auto-triggered funky tones, the sweep of the filter can be either up or down with selection of band-pass or high pass filter modes. A peak control is provided to deepen the ‘Q’ for more extreme effects and the depth of the effect is controlled by the volume of each note as it’s played, making this a truly creative and dynamic pedal. The pedal is housed in a durable metal case and features an input level control with a trademark Ashdown VU meter to allow optimum signal matching from any instrument – active or passive. The pedal also features an output level control – essential for obtaining the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass mode.

Ashdown Bass Envelope Filter

SKU: ashdown-env
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